Monday, August 10, 2009

Marjorie Wood Gallery

Poetry by Ingrid Keir
Drawings by Kyle Knobel
August - September 2009
For the exhibit at the online Marjorie Wood Gallery, visual artist Kyle Knobel and poet Ingrid Keir collaborate on a body of work centered around their apartment.

Ingrid says, "since we are married and live together, and this place is the first and last thing we see each day, it seemed a good place to form a show around."

The first image of the show is a watercolor painting of the typewriter belonging to Ingrid's grandfather, also a writer.

From Kyle, "I was interested in the sort of aggregate energy collecting in this little machine, now passed down to another artist in the family. This family continuity is of interest to me, as it is absent in my own."

Ingrid's selection of writing revolves around events that are both incidental and specific to the home. The apartment as studio, as kitchen, as place to spend time, as a place for love and for annoyances, are all explored.